Dr. John Rhoades letters to James Rhoades summer of 1864


Coolville Athens Co. O  July 18th 1864

Brother James,

          Yours of the 1st is at hand   we ware glad to hear from you  we long wished to hear from you but know not your whare abouts.       

          Sister Frank told us your explination of your campains for the last  a months is very satisfactory but we would like your history from the commencement of your soldiering   through  MC. Kimm we heard of you, then, all was silent again  you must not keep silant so long gain for we felt intrusted in you and would of ben glad to of heard from you -  you entimate that Harriott is married and lives in Iowa  is that a fact  Francis is in Iowa & Jerome & Ann.  I did not know that Harriott was.  you say you health is good  your Photograph shows that you have not fellowa much since I saw you   Soldiering as you say is a dogs life  I have only tried it ten months in this war  Except in the Morgan Raid last summer.  to day you must try to take care of your self  Come out with a whole hide if you can   serve the days  due your duty  How much longer have you to serve   your time must be near out  Let me know in your next  I hope you will be successful at Richmond and every whare else  Genl Sherman is pushing Johnson in Georgia  it is supposed that if Johnson is whiped he will march to the releaf of Lee  in that case you would have your hands full and more to   

          You asked me about Hocking Port   the place is the same  the young men are all gon in the army

Except some that have ben discharged Morris Knowles, J. Bennit, Davis have returned fro the army also Gust, MC Kimm  AJ or Jackson   MC Kimm has graduated and has an apointment to preach in South America.   Theadore Hilliards is a prisinor in the rebles hands   taken lately from Hunter division  he belonged to the 1st Va (West Va.) cavalry.  Sidney knowles the merchant was killed at gettisBurgh   also Nelson. Harris Capt of Co I. 1st Va.(West Va.)  S. Knowles Ajututent of the same Reg.  Capt Harris the same one that went on our hunt to the mountains in Va.  Benona Stone died in the service in Tenn  George Williams has sold out gone to Iowa Bag & Baggage  I have sold my property at the Port  Bought at this place a drug store at the  I am trying to sell to you to Callaforna or Nevada Territory

Uncle Wm Rhodes is a rabid Sesesh  also all the family  Edwin was killed last summer at Marionville by a guard under whos charg he was at the time. Lyman (Lyman P. Rhodes, 19th Virginia Cavalry) is in the Scesh Servis  Most likely in the Raid in Mariland  I hope he will get killed as did Ed  as he went out to avenge Edwin death and hunt for his rights.

          the family ar well  John jr. is at scool learning fast   Frances Marion my next boy is a bright little fellow  Says he know his uncle Jame and refers to the old lady for frsoof   if any one disputes his word the old ladys health is better.  Unot  ancious to go to Callaforna   we all unite in sending our love to you   write soon & often  tell us of the little event that my you the coming   if you can read this you will do better than I can

Respectfully your Brother  John Rhoades


John Rhoades tries to convince Jim to come to Callaforna or Nevada Territory with him when he's out of the army.  John also says once again he wishes their cousins to be killed because they fight for the Confederacy.  I conclude from these letters, the Rhodes family split and Jim, John and possibly others changed their name spelling to distance themselves from the 'Sesesh' side of the family.

Coolville  Athens Co  Ohio  Sept 25th  1864


Dear Brother         

          I set down to answer your letter after so long a time on the receipt of your letter  I about starting west to settle up my buisness  prepasitory to a start to Callaforna which I intend to do to morrow morning  So you see you nead not direct your letter to this place as I shand be here  you may send your answer to New York City  if you can get one there within 10 or 15 days after the date of this  if any thing serious should happen to you you may write here as I should get it after a while for I have a gent here who would send it to me  I will write as soon as I get to Callaforna  we are well and hope as much for yourself

          You wanted me to tell you about the folks here  I will try  Maryan Copen a school teaching at tuppers plains  a good scholar & quite a lady  Another her brother died with the consumption about a year agow.  My student John Killgour (Robert John Killgore) went in the army with me  Served out his time   a reinlisted  Co K. 39 Ohio Reg  16 Army corps with Sherman at Atlanta  George Stone a member of the same Company served out his time   is now at home at the planes  very bad of with chronic diareah but I think he will get well   Ira Huntington is at home tending grocery  Sophia Huntington is at home  rumour says She is gowing to Mary Morris Knoules.  Sovis is also at home  rumour sais some hard thing a bout her  the doctors are accused of helping her out of a scrape  I cant say how much truth there is in the report  Jerome is just out of is his time in the 1st Vaginia Cavalry but is not at home yet but his is looked for every day  John Sythe is taking pictures for a living he bought 2 acres of the back part of my lot at the port  built on it  now lives on it  John Davis is in the 1st Va (West Va.) Cavalry vet.  There is none of the Hocking boy but what as in the army or just through their time  all have ben so far very fortunate  they have seen a good deal of hard servise  Otherwise the Port is a bout as when you left  you would know the place if you was to come to it.  However I expect you will save your money when your time is out and come to Callaforna.  I should be pleased to have you due so  You may be supprised to hear of my present move  My reasons ar Climate.  My health has ben on the decline for the last three yeares during the winters  Summers I get better  I loos more winter than I gain summer.  This country is to changeable for me   I must hunt a new climate or mak preparations for my finality  I choos the former  My family ar all willing to gow   not only willing but ancious  Mergetts health is about like mine  weaklings cant stand the cold you know  I never could stand the cold  If the climate is what its recommendid  to be  it will suit me and the old lady  the young ones will grow up in the climate   wont realise the change  I shall write to Frank & Jerome to night  I have not heard from any of our folks sinc I wrote to you last  Simon Rhodes (42nd Regt Miss Inf) is in the Secsh army at Richmond assigned Army of Northern Virginia or in that neighborhood  if not killed  which I hope he is and everyone else who is in pursuit of their rights   I told you in my former letter about the folks that I have not mentioned  I cant think of much more to wright now but will give you a full letter when we get through and setled but if any thing Serrous happens to you write direct to me at this place  I will get it some time so Adue for the presant from your Brother


                                                John Rhoades  M.D.

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