My ancestors


Birdsell Coe (2).gif Sarah Skellie Coe (2).gif

    Birdsell Coe         Sarah Skellie Coe              

Robert Coe before the war (2).gifEmma Coe before marrying Jim Rhoades (2).gif

           Robert Coe                       Emma Coe

Jim and Emma Coe Rhoades (2).gif Jim Rhoades before the war (2).gif          

 Jim & Emma Rhoades              James Rhodes  

Jim and Emma were married 3 years to the day Jim was wounded at Ft. Fisher.  They married January 14, 1868.  

RoswellCoe (3).gif  

 Roswell Coe-7th Regiment Missouri Infantry.  Killed May 12, 1863 Battle of Raymond, Miss.                


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