Photos of the men of the 112th New York Infantry

The following photos were purchased and are displayed with permission from the U.S. Army Military History Institute. If you would like a photo copy, they offer the photos in a photocopy on copy paper, or the photo on photo paper.  For more information, visit their site at: and in the search box, type in the name of the soldier, or put in 112th and the photos will be displayed by catalog no. and description.  You will get information on how to order on those pages.

ColDrake (2).gif ColAllen (2).gif ColSmith (2).gif SurgWashburn (2).gif 

Col. Jeremiah C Drake  Col. Augustus F. Allen  Col. John F. Smith     Charles E. Washburn

       CO 112th              Military Dist. Commandant          F&S                    Surgeon

 ASurgBoyd (2).gif LTCCarpenter (2).gif  MajMarvin (2).gif   CaptStevens (2).gif 

   A Surg. Edson Boyd        LtCol. Elial F Carpenter      Maj. Selden E Marvin        un-identified

    Assistant Surgeon                        F&S                                     Paymaster                     

CaptFox (2).gif CaptPalmiter (2).gif CaptOley (2).gif CaptChaddock (2).gif

Capt. Herman S Fox  Capt. John G Palmiter  Capt. Charles H Oley  Capt. William H Chaddock

         Co. H                                   Co. H                                Co. I                                Co. B

CaptScott (2).gif CaptMathews (2).gif CaptFitch (2).gif CaptCurtis (2).gif

Capt. Nahum S Scott   Capt. Joseph H Mathews    Capt Marlow Fitch   Capt. Enoch A Curtis

        Co. C                                        Co. F                               Co. E                              Co. D

CaptVorce (2).gif CaptDixon.gif CaptRoss.gif LtHedges (2).gif

Capt. Perry C Vorce    Capt. George H Dixon    Capt. Joseph C Ross  Lt. Samuel P Hedges

         Co. C                                      Co. A                               Co. G                        Adjutant Co.B

LtThayer (2).gif LtLowry (2).gif LtBarrows (2).gif LtKimberly (2).gif

Lt. Amos M Thayer  Lt. Alexander M Lowry  Lt. Henry R Barrows  Lt. Charles A Kimberly

         Co. D                               Co. H                               Co. A                              Co. B

LtCrane (2).gif LtSixby (2).gif SgtHunt (2).gif SgtNewell (2).gif

Lt. Clarence A Crane   Lt. Herman Sixbey     Sgt. Edwin R Hunt    Sgt. Thomas J Newell

            Co. I                              Co. E                               Co. A                           Co. E

SgtTracey (2).gif SgtRead (2).gif SgtRaymond (2).gif SgtVorce (2).gif 

Sgt. Oscar A Tracey Sgt. Charles T Read Sgt. Israel R Raymond Sgt. Hiram Vorce

           Co. A                             Co. C                                Co. I                         Co. E

SgtBeecher (2).gif SgtDutcher (2).gif SgtChristy (2).gif CplLow (2).gif

 Sgt. Eli C Beecher    Sgt. Edward A Dutcher     Sgt. Herbert Christy     Cpl. Charles J Low

         Co. H                                  Co. H                                Co. K                               Co. B

CplWarner (2).gif PvtBailey (2).gif PvtBeebe (2).gif PvtChamplin (2).gif

Cpl. Robert A Warner    Pvt. George Bailey        Pvt. John C Beebe         Pvt. James Champlin

          Co. A                                 Co. I                                 Co. I                                  Co. B

PvtCummings (2).gif PvtFisher (2).gif PvtMorse (2).gif PvtOakes (2).gif

Pvt. Reed W Cummings  Pvt. Jarvis Fisher    Pvt. Hiram P Morse    Pvt. John F Oakes

          Co. I                                    Co. F                            Co. I                          Co. K

PvtStafford (2).gif PvtTillotson (2).gif PvtToles (2).gif PvtWilliams (2).gif

Pvt. Martin J Stafford   Pvt. Jared N Tillotson  Pvt. Charles F Toles  Cpl. Theodore C Williams

         Co. A                                   Co. H                                 Co. G                            Co. I

PvtWiltsie (2).gif PvtBond (2).gif PvtEllis (2).gif PvtAStaffordA (2).gif

Pvt. James P Wiltsie     Pvt. Albert C Bond      Pvt. William H Ellis     Pvt. Austin H Stafford

          Co. A                               Co. B                                   Co. D                             Co. B

PvtFisherJ (2).gif PvtYoung (2).gif PvtRush (2).gif PvtCarey (2).gif

 Pvt. Joel A Fisher            Pvt. Louis Young         Pvt. George Ruch          Pvt. John A Carey

         Co. I                                    Co. G                               Co. E                              Co. E

PvtCasselman (2).gif PvtGardner (2).gif UnID CoA (2).gif 

Pvt. Josiah R Casselman  Pvt. George W Gardner   UnId'd A Co.               

        Co. F                                       Co. A                              Co. A                    


Men of the 112th Regt. N.Y.S.Vol. Inf., in winter Camp Suffolk, Va 1862-63


Winter Camp Identification page - some of the individuals were identified by the following numbers: 4 - Sgt. Samuel G. Sherwin, Co. A  KIA Petersburg, Va.   6 - J.W. Upham, photographer.  12 - Lathrop L. Hanchett, drummer Co. F.  14 - Wilbur B. Wood, Pvt., Co. F; Hospital Steward.  17 - Capt. Lyman J. Parker, 1stLt Co. I, Capt. Co. C.  18 - Chaplain William L. Hyde (wrote Reg't. history 1866).  21 - Col. John F. Smith mortally wounded Ft. Fisher Jan 1865.  22 - John Gray (not with the 112th).  23 - LtCol. Elial F. Carpenter mortally wounded Drurys Bluff, Va.  24 - Mrs. Elial F. Carpenter.  26 - Addie Carpenter Catlin Frink (Daughter)  29 - Mrs. John F. Smith  photo courtesy of Chautauqua Co. Historical Society.

Photos provided by family - (If anyone has a photo of a 112th New York soldier, or their ancestor in the 112th New York,  I would be happy to have you provide it to me to be posted .)

Ebenezer Skellie MOH.gif RobertCoe.gif jim rhodes.gif SgtLanning.gif

Lt. Ebenezer Skellie     Cpl. Robert L Coe           Pvt. James Rhodes        Sgt. Francis S Lanning

Co. D Medal of Honor            Co. H                                 Co. H                                       Co. D

Jacob Ruch (2).gif PvtDunnewold.gif GBarber (2).gif PvtPecor.gif

   Cpl. Jacob Ruch       Pvt. G. John Dunnewold   Lt. George W Barber      Pvt. Charles Pecor

          Co. H                                  Co. D                                Co. H                                   Co. G

calebclark (2).gif GeorgeApthorpe.gif JamesApthorpe.gif SamApthorpe.gif

  Pvt. Caleb G Clark     Pvt. George Apthorpe     Pvt. James Apthorpe     Pvt. Samuel Apthorpe

           Co. F                                 Co. I                                    Co. I                                    Co. I

WilliamApthorpe.gif SgtSilasParker.gif Martin V. Stone.gif Pvt. Orrin Allen (2).gif

 Pvt. William Apthorpe    Sgt. Silas W Parker    Pvt. Martin V. Stone     Pvt. Orrin Allen

            Co. I                        Co. A                                 Co. A                             Co. H

Sgt Charles T Reed .gif PvtGarretMeerdink.gif PvtGeorgeRouse.gif Jesse E Beecher.gif

Sgt. Charles T Reed       Pvt. Garret Meerdink   Pvt. George W. Rouse    Pvt. Jesse E Beecher

       Co. C                                      Co. D                               Co. D                                   Co. E

PvtWarrenKingsland.gif Lt William Hoyt.gif ColEphraimLudwick.gif Herman Sixbey postwar.gif

Pvt. Warren J Kingsland  Lt. William Hoyt      Col. Ephraim Ludwick      Lt. Herman Sixbey

             Co. C                           Co.'s D,E,I                           F&S                              Postwar

PvtWilliamRLaine.gif CplWillardKing (2).gif Sgt John H Wheeler .gif

Pvt. William R Laine       Cpl. Willard King      Sgt. John H Wheeler

           Co. G                                  Co. C                               Co. C

The following photos were provided by Mr. Phil Phalen, Gowanda Historical Society.  Special thanks to Phil for the contributions and corrections to the 112th website.

kimberly (2).gif Carpenter.gif vorce.gif drake.gif

Lt. Charles Kimberly  LtCol. Elial F Carpenter   Capt. Perry C Vorce    Col. Jeremiah C Drake

      Post war                              F & S                                  Co. C                              CO 112th


Maj. Selden E Marvin

  Army Paymaster

Flags (6).gif

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