Edward Coe Letters

(154th New York Infantry)

Ed Coe writes home to Uncle Birdsell and Aunt Sarah from the hospital recovering from an arm wound received in Gettysburg July 1, 1863 at the Brickyard fight.

                                           September the 18 1863

                                    Summit Hous Hospital

                                    Philadelphia Pa


It is with the gratest of pleasure that I now seat my selph to drop a Few lines to you to let you now that I got your leter in dew Time & was glad to hear from you To hear that you air all well at Home your leter found me in the best of health & in first rait of sperits I injoy my self very Well now days my arm is Healing very fast for the past Week it will be healed in a few days now aunt sariah I am a goin to have my teath taken out I think that I shall keep my selph in for a while for I Shall look so bad after it Aunt Sarah I would like to helped eat that honey that you saved for me it was not my falt that I did not eat of that honey you saved for me for I Would of liked to come home as Well as most any one would but it will bee along time before I shall see home a gain They are sending off men most every day or to as soon as my arm Gits well I supose that they will Send me to my rigment but I shall bee a tothless old man if I was at home I should not have very good success a mong The girls for I never had very good Luck a mong them but I would Like to see your schoolmam first rait if I had come home I would of seen hur you will heif to speak a good word for me & let it go at that

          Aunt Sariah tell uncle Burd that if I was at home I Should take diner with him quite often I would rais hob with him eat him out of hous & home he does not have much to say About maters I guess that he is Geting out of patients with Such foolish leters as i write he Must make a grate a lowanse for me for I have now learning & he new it before this Sariah miss Chappil wrote me a leter it Was a good one I was a shaimed to Try to ansure it how she will like The one that I wrote hur is more than I can tell you must excuse my igrionance for this time pleas ex Cept theas few lines from your nephew that thinks often of you & uncle & emy, to pleas Write a gain my respects To all my friends if Eny Their This is to my aunt


                                                                             From E D Coe


Good by For This time one & all






                                              Head Quarters Near

                                      Alexandria Va

                                      Aug the 16 1864


Absant friend I Now take the opertunity to ansure your kind & ever welcom Letter that I reseived a Long time a go I am a shaimed of my not Writing to you before this but Aunt you must forgive me for this time & I will try & do beter hear after   Aunt & uncle I wish that I was capible of writing a good Letter to you but I am not But I will try it   Aunt I was very sorow to hear of a nother friend & relitive geting killed in this Cruil war ti is hard to part with friends but much more so in this way but aunt we must trust In him that rules on high I supose he will take cair of us I supose   there is a number in my company Reinlistin for 3 years more but I Canot see the point that is if I Could but I canot yet but I can next month if I wish to I think if I stay one 3 years that Will do me for a spell I have Along time to stay yet But I hope that I may Come hoam all right yet   Aunt I supose that my Mother & friends got Very scairt a bout me did they Not   by what mary wrote to me I think they must had a Good Crying spell over it   But I think that I was to blame For not writing to them before We air in a fort near Alexandria We can see all over the town it is a sightley place we Can see fair fax semanary plain from hear and Washington   they air all plain to see from hear         

            That think Aunt it is raining hear to Day so we dont heif to drill it has been very dry hear this season but I think we shall get rain a nuf now By the way it Comes now   Aunt I Claim that I have Been rather stidy this somer for I have not had but one Pass sinse I came to this Regt then I went over to Washington   we have to have a pass to get into town or to go any whair   if found out side of the camp without a pass we air Liable to bee tacon up & tacon to the Provost marshal & they do as they see fit with them   they air very strict with us hear   Now I dont know as you can read theas few scratches   Now Pleas excuse theas miserable mistakes that I have made in this Letter To you


     Pleas except this From your nephew E D Coe


     often of you Now Dont do as I have done but Write as soon as you get this   Now give my respects to all that enquire after me if eny Their tell Emy to write to me I should Like to have a scuffle with hur I Can handle hur yet tell hur for me I shall weary your patcients so that you never Will want to hear from me again   Now good by for this time Now aunt Sarah pleas write   Direct as Before




                                                Washington D.C.

                                        Dec the 26 1864


Dear uncle & Aunt


          I am glad of the opertunity of ansureing a nother Letter from you again it Reached me Last Eaving & I was glad to gett it & you knew just what to write for I Like to know what is a goin on in old french Creek   you Wrote me a good Letter & I wish That I was Capible of writing you As good a wone but I hope that you will Consider my inabillity But I will try & Lett you know That yours found me in the best of Chear & health & I hope that theas Few Lines may find you & your Family enjoyen the same blessing   Now Aunt Tip Jonson has Been to see me when he first Came down hear But I have not heard from him since whair he is is more than I Can tell but I guess he is in Alexandria or near their   he said That he would Come & see me again if he got into buiseness whair he intendid & I hope that he may For it seams good to have a Visit With one of my old Cronies more Aspetiley right from hoam   Now Richard is stoping about one mild from us   the Last time That I saw him his health was Good but I have not sean him some time I under stand by a friend he does not send hoam much money but maby I Can A Count for it we have not Been paid for 4 months & if a felow has eny money he Can gett Read if it Very easy for every Thing is Very dear hear & if he Wants eny thing in the way of wimen he Can get it hear it is the meanest place I ever saw in my life

          Now I supost that you Would Like to know what I am a bout   Wall I am a Cook For the Company & it keeps me very buisey the most of the Time but I have got a Little Time to day   yisterday I was Very buisey for the boy that healps me had a invite to go & eat turkey   Now aunt We have had a bout a week of Coald weather but it is some Wormer it rained all knite & it is still raining & we have not had eny snow to a mount to eny thing   Now we air about as far from The Capital as beens house is from yours & our boyes air doing guard Duty at the Old Capital prison   Their is whair they keep the Reabs it is rather hard duty on every Other day   well I must go & fix up the boyes dinner & send it to them now for it is time

          Now you must excuse me for this Time & Tell Emy I Will train hur when I Get hoam for not Writing to me

          Give my Respects To one & all

          Pleas Write soon To your nephew E. D. Coe

          To uncle & aunt Good by

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