Jim Rhoades writes to Birdsell, Sarah, and Emma Coe from the hospital where he is recovering from a shell fragment wound to the left thigh received January 14, 1865 at Fort Fisher. He tells of the Surrender of Lees army, and the assassination of President Lincoln.  He talks about some of Roberts personal belongings that he has for them, and ends the letter by telling them he is returning a letter that came to the regiment for Robert a few days after he was killed.  Jim has carried the letter about 10 months.       


                                       W.S. Gen Hosp

                                               Hampton VA

                                       April 15 1865


Dear Friends,

          This pleasant morning finds me once more seated with pen in hand to drop you a few lines to let you know that I have not forgotten you  I hope that this few lines will find you all well and prospering in life  I am well and enjoying myself finely.  my wound has healed up but my leg is very weak yet.

To day bids fair to be a pleasant day  it has been raining for several days past which has made it very disagreeable out of doors.  The crops here are all looking finely. 

There has been pretty stirring times here lately over our recent victories  the capture of Richmond and the Surrender of Lees army, but the news that came yesterday cast a solom gloom over the whole vicinity -  it was the death of President Lincoln.  every one mourns his untimely death,  in him we loose a kind protecter and a noble friend,  and a friend to all  -  even his enemies

May an everlasting curse rest on the head of his assasinatens..  The flags are all flying to day at half mast

          Billy Skellie is here yet, he is well and as fat as a pig.  our Regt is with Shermans army now  The 10th corps and the 23d corps compose the center of Shermans army  I am in hopes the the fighting is most over with.  I wrote to the Regt to find out about that mosquith bar  my coat was sold and the Mosquith bar was lost  I am sorry about it  I meant that you should have it if possible  I will keep his vest for you  I have wore it some, and his razor  all so you shall have;  I recd both of your letters and the paper   I am very much obliged to you for the paper  I sent in an application for a furlough but I have not heard from it yet so I have give up all hopes of its coming.  I should like to come up to old French Creek and see the folks and eat some warm sugar

I can not think of anything more to write at present that would be interesting to you so I will bring this to a close

Good bye for this time

                             From your friend  

                                       James Rhoades


Please write soon

Here is a letter that came to the Regt a few days after Bob was killed   I have carried it ever since  if this letter could talk it would tell you of some pretty hard times that it had seen



Jim receives a letter from his mother, Charlotte Barr Rhodes Goodrich while he is in Hampton Hospital.


April the 12 1865  Clinton  Brock Co. Wis


Dear son James  I once more take my pen in hand to let you know how I am and whare I live  I wrote you a letter in Jan but have got no answer yet  But we got a letter from frances a short time a go she told us you was wounded in the thigh  Also you was in Hampton Hospital  I was sorry to hear you was wounded and should bin killed  sorry to heard you had bin in all these hard fights that’s took place lately  thay talk now as though peace will take place soon  I hope it will fore thare has bin Blood shed and suffering amongst the poor soldier more than ever ought to a bin the south seems hartly tired of the war and the North to  now James do write and let me know houe you are geting along  I supose you are able to write  you wrote to frances  I told you in my other letter what had taked place in Hunters famly but I dont know as you ever even got it  When I was in Iowa I made up mind I would rather live with Charlotte than some of my chuildren  her chiuldren is grown up out of the way but thay are medling  helpless I suppose  you have heard that Hunter is dead  he died in December fourth frank died Dec the 17 thay lost thare youngest girl last July as things has turned up I dont know how Charlotte is going to get throw the world but thare is a grate many in these times wors of than her  Esther and worth had the typhoid fever this winter but we are all well at preasant  I want you to write and tell me all about the people in french creek for I dont write to any one thare but occaitsonly hear a little by some hear that has friends living in french c  I have wrote tow or three letters to Ben whitney but get no answer yet Jabes Hunter is still in the isureance bissiness  I expect  in hopes you will get back yet all right  if you do what is your intention to stay East or go west I cant tell you much a bout the west though some parts of the west looks middling well  wisconsin is a good looking place only verry cold hard winters and very windy place we live cloce to Clinton Junction a good many trains runs through hear it is a bissiness place quite a place to cach deserters  Richard Hunter come and stayed hear most tow years sent for his wife and he found the officers was after him and he left in a hurry she went back to pine grove whare his mother lives Henry Ames was hear the other day had bin drafted and got away from his company  he left for parts unknown he sed thay drafted him because thay thot him a copperhead  he ses he has a ruptur that ort clear him  I cant think of much to write  only the girls hear got your potigraphs  Charlotte and Hellen we got fore pictures you sent to Iowa and thay ware good ones  I wonder if Lois Coe lives with B Coes folks yet or not  Ben W rented Canfields place last year and also he had bought a farm in mina  I have not received a cent from Chauncey Goodrich yet on from my Certificnt  other  I must come to a clos and still remaine you Affectionate Mother

                                                                             Charlotte Goodrich


we would like much to see you out hear and hear the old fiddle once more



Jim writes his clothing draw on the bottom of this letter:


Clothing draw from August 1864 to August 1865

one 1 wollen blanket

three 3 pr shoes

three 3 pr pants

five 5 pr socks

four 4 pr drawers

one 1 cap

one 1 blouse




Jim Rhoades receives a letter while in the hospital, from Capt. Herman S. Fox, Commanding Officer of Co. H, 112th NY.   Jim evidently took his musket with him when he left the field to go to the hospital at Ft. Fisher when hit by shrapnel in the left thigh.  It appears the Captain is keeping good tabs on the guns of his company.  He won't charge Jim for the musket, but says he must account for a gun.


Near Raleigh N.C.

May 2 of 65


Friend Rhodes



                                                I received an order this morning for your descriptive list and soon after a letter from you requesting me not to charge you with a gun.  I supposed you had the gun or something to show for it  the boys said you took it with you from the field  in that case I cannot lose the gun in action  Those men that ever killed and those that left their guns on the field belonging to my company I got and turned in.  I will not charge you with a gun but a set of accoutrements   Complete which will be $4.07cts  If I cannot get hold of a gun to replace that one I will have to loose it myself.

We have a fine camp and no drill  Expect to be home soon


                                        Yours in haste

                                        H.S. Fox Capt

                                        Comdg Co. H 112 Regt




Jim Rhodes wrote a list of the battles and engagements he was in, probably for the pension application in 1866……





Zuni.   Nov  18  1862

Deserted House.  Jan  30  1863

Siege of Suffolk, Va.  1863

Raid and Fight at Hanover Junction.  July 4  1863

Siege of Fort Wagner. Charleston Harbor 1863

Raid to St. Johns Island.  Feb  1863

Fight in front of Bermuda Hundred  May  7  1864

Drurys Bluff.  May 16  1864

Cold Harbor  June 1864

Siege of Petersburg  1864

Battle of Deep Bottom  64

Chapins Farm  64

Darby Town Road  Oct  1864

Fort Fisher  Jan 64 (65)

Reg in fight when the Mine was Blown up July  30  1864


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